Sam’s Burger Joint

Thursday, March 20th.


What a great time. What a great thing. What a good show to play.

To anyone reading this, if you were there, Thank you for being there.

It was a bit of a fluke, being there, somehow. I was just extremely grateful to have the opportunity to play, especially a support slot for one of my favorite muso’s Ben Kweller, and his fab band of buddies.

It really was. You know, to play this show. “You have to keep your expectations lower than your gratitude.” Or something like that. So It’s just nice to do something. A career blip or something.

We know for certain this doesn’t mean “Oh, We’re goin’ straight to the top, fellas!”

It’s feeling hopeful…

Ben was an exceedingly nice guy. You never know how those interactions are going to turn out. You have this person that you’ve seen in a certain way for so long and you never know if they’re going to be a decent person.

The set was great. It was great to play in a great room with great sound and a bunch of kids that had never heard of us before besides for our friends. So it was nice to see people that had never heard us before nodding their heads or kinda shakin’ themselves to the songs. Thanks.

BK set was great, too. It was great to hear all those songs, It was great to hear the band.


Here is a picture of me and Chris Compton with Ben. It was the only photo I’ve seen so far from the night. Sorry, I didn’t take any more pictures, I should have, but I have this whole thing with being in the moment and being present as best as I can.

Anyways, Thanks – Camp Kweller and Wommack and Sam’s.

Stay tune.