Daniel Thomas Phipps is an indie-folk-rock-roots singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from New Braunfels, Texas. He leads a band he calls ‘The Kinfolk’ in a variety of formations from simple acoustic duos to full five-piece ensembles  that have included many area musicians including:

Jonathan Horstmann, Caleb Hoffmann, Paul Theiss, DW Howe, Chris Compton, Jimmy Hartman, Tom Raines, Little Brave, Kevin Hoetger, Ben Triesch, Ernest Klein,  Jacob Jaeger, Mark Henne, Morgan Thompson, Simon Page, Jon Greene, Kris Nelson, Seela, Jeremy Menking, Rory Grametbaur, and Ryan Quiet.

A ‘fixture’ in Hill-Country honky-tonks and venues as well as touring the country from the deep south, to middle America, to New York City, He is also an accomplished side-man and studio musician lending his talents in several bands from Texas and beyond including K Phillips & The Concho Pearls (Nashville, TN,) Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground (New Braunfels, TX,) Little Brave (Austin, TX,) Ali Holder (Austin, TX,), Chris King & The Liberators (Austin, TX,) Brandy Zdan (Nashville, TN) Brother Wives (New Braunfels, TX,) Seela Big Band (Austin, TX,) Emily Bell & The Talk-backs (Austin, TX,) and Matt Harlan (Houston, TX.) He and his band have provided show support for Shinyribs (Kevin Russel of The Gourds,) Ben Kweller, Fastball, Bobby Bare Jr., Ha Ha Tonka, David Ramirez, Bob Schneider, Matt The Electrician, Uncle Lucius, and Jamestown Revival.

His musical/writing influences include but are not limited to:

Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits,  Joe Walsh, Little Feat, Townes Van Zandt,  John Prine, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, The Band,  Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, Elliot Smith, Why?, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dan Reeder, Bobby Bare Jr., Bonnie “Prince” Billy,  Todd Snider, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Björk, Patti Griffin,  Joanna Newsome, Sufjan Stevens, Midlake, Andrew Bird, Dawes, Deer Tick, Rory Grametbaur, Little Brave, Javi Garcia, Dustin Welch, K Phillips, Brandy Zdan, Ali Holder,  Jacob Jaeger, Pake Rossi, Adam Carroll, Jon Napier, Luke Leverett, The American Spirit,  Dallas Burrow, Matt The Electrician,  Bob Schneider, Gurf Morlix, Blaze Foley, Sam Baker, Seela, Nicolette Good, Douglas Miles Clarke, Matt Harlan, Lawrence Olivier, Phish, Primus, Kurt Cobain, Bradley Nowell,  Jay-Z, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Lil’ Wayne, Ben Harper, Jack Kerouac, Walt Whitman, Annie Dillard, J.D. Salinger, Joseph Conrad, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Sherwood Anderson, Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, Modernists &c. Post-Modernists &c.


“Daniel Thomas Phipps is the harmonic insurgence, melodic convergence, spiritual detergence, the Sugar Ray Leonard of the soul.” – Kevin Russell (Shinyribs)

“A witty and entertaining songwriter…He is mentioned by most Central Texas songwriters as one of their favorites.” – Thomas McAleer, The San Marcos Examiner

“TIMELESS COUNTRY FOLK – … I knew he was capable of all types of excellence… but the solo material and originals he played in The Garden helped put his quiet brilliance into full perspective. It’s not hard to hear the echoes of country’s past here. Modern influences include Jerry Garcia and Iron & Wine. Whether as a solo performer or with his own band, Daniel Thomas Phipps & The Kinfolk, this guy is money. One of the most unexpectedly brilliant sets recorded in The Garden this year. Phipps will be One To Watch in 2015. ” – Ryan Spaulding, The Outlaw Roadshow

“I believe in Daniel Thomas Phipps” – Javi Garcia

“a coolly assured purveyor of old songs, new songs, bruised songs and blue songs. Expect deftly ragged and melodically pure stuff with edge, burnish and bite… The dude abides.” – Ross Fortune

“A Texan-LaMontagne…” – Britton Beisenherz, Ramble Creek Studios

“The Iroquois thought the world was created on a turtle’s back. We dismiss that handily today as fable, but fable pins up a lot of the fabric of life on planet Earth, and that’s equally true of Texas songwriting. We still need giants walking the land as songwriters, and that front/back porch lineage is as natural an ambition in Texas as being a policeman or fireman…

And he not in fable creating mode; rather, he’s questioning a world that locks us in familiar patterns. These are not happy songs overall, barely friendly at times – but he’s asking questions like a revenue agent, not selling answers like a land speculator. He’s part of a generation that should be doing that – it’s not like life on the turtle’s back is much to sing about these days…” – No Mission Statement

“Phipps has a very rich, full, and slightly coarse sound.” – ATX Notebook

“I would have stayed for the headliner but the opening band was so disgusting I had to leave…” – about the kinfolk

About ‘An Offering’

“#3 on Top Ten Best Americana Albums of 2014”
— Mike Ethan Messick, Lone Star Music Magazine

“An Insinuatingly good album” – Mike Ethan Messick, Texas Music Magazine

“vibrant…dark…sly songs from a talented songwriter… lively…listenable…danceable” – No Mission Statement

“Phipps blends crafty, creative wordplay with an inherent ability to write a tune with staying power, all the while topping it off with a voice that is versatile, bouncing from haunting vocal soul to raw heart.” – Galisteo Records

Album Credits

  • Self-Released – The Genesis EP (2006)
  • Self-Released – The Mirrors EP (2007)
  • Self-Released – The Lilly EP (2009)
  • The Kinfolk – The Kinfolk EP (2010)
  • Dallas Burrow – Western Town (2010)
  • Little Brave – Wound & Will (2011)
  • K Phillips & The Concho Pearls – American Girls (2012)
  • The Kinfolk – Three Houses (2012)
  • Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground – The Great Controversy (2013)
  • Ali Holder – In Preparation for Saturn’s Return (2013)
  • Daniel Thomas Phipps (& The Kinfolk) – An Offering (2014)
  • Matt Fischer – Matt Fischer (2014)
  • Steven Roloff – Dream Big (2013)
  • Christy HaysO’ Montana (2014)
  • Leah Nobel – Strangers Again (2014)
  • Little BraveMYTH/Ology (2015)
  • Danny Schmidt – Owls (2015)
  • Ali Holder – From My Veins Will Fall (2015)
  • K Phillips – Fall Down House (TBA)