April Showers bring what May

here’s another video
it’s of the song



A little girl, walks outside today
And this is what she sees
The fake tans and new leased sedans
And fire’s burning coal

She live off the spark
Afraid of the dark
And she wonders…
“When does my life start?”

She’s singing
Oh, No

A little boy, Walks outside today
And this is what he sees
The dirty sidewalk, The dirty street
And fire’s burning buildings

God’s gift to the meek
But god never speaks

And he wonders
“Why am I so weak?”
Why am I so…

The wheels have been turning
For hundreds of years
We haven’t been learning
We’re living in fear

Now we’re singing
Oh, No…


This is a song about two different kids that are growing up in different circumstances. I started writing this song because I was learning more and more how to be a total stick-in-the-mud about anything and everything. This song might be about four years old? No – I just checked – It’s almost 6 years old, with change. Wow – This changes everything – . – I was listening very much to these guys talking about how everything is “please excuse [his] French, Total Bullshit…” or some way of saying that. What that means is, we need to be able to at least try to read the structures around us. So we know what’s coming, so you’ve got to know what’s coming – Which is completely exhausting.

– So –

You try to go back to the middle.

I remember / getting into economy / or trying to do more with less. I was thinking about my little brother – so there was that – this little boy thing / what to do with innocence / or ruination! / Always go there / always gotta be so damn serious, bleh. Because, I guess, what I was seeing, was a lack of being serious about these inputs and how you respond to them. I think structure is a really great way to develop meaning – and how these pieces fit together, and how they make the structures, and how they respond to each other; gravity : juxtaposition. So it’s just about relationships and how you respond to them. I guess, more specifically – what you learn from your relationship with your circumstances. Initially, both of the kids were boys. but i wanted the thing to be equal. so how do these kids react to their circumstances? Both are honestly just scared kids, Neither one is doing anything more right or more wrong than the other. Everyone has a lot to do and feel. It happens every day. But what do we do about it?

I don’t know either.

So – on the other end, you’re probably pretty bleary at this point and you sit down and you just try to be as simple as possible. four chords, bridge, the chorus doesn’t even say nothing. you were just singing cause you had to when it came around.

We had or, have had, some interesting things to do, in April. Ali and I went to San Angelo – first timer – it was real nice. We went to Abilene – where we couldn’t find the Bar-B-Cue joint. We went to Ft. Worth to play one of my favorite bars. Ali’s whole family was there, my buddies and I talked about writing and told stories about our pasts.

What else can you do?

We’re gonna be on 89.9 KTSW on wednesday (April 16, 2014) at around 6PM pleaseee listen to us. This is an effort to try and show that we’re honored to be a part of 89.9’s MR. Fest this year (April 25, 26), we’re playing Saturday (April 26) at 2:00 PM in the after-noon at the courthouse lawn. If you know it, you know it, It’s the courthouse in downtown San Marcos

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